Collection: June 2022 Monthly Box Collection

The June 2022 Monthly Box Collection.
In this monthly collection of boxes, you will now have the ability to view and select boxes and monthly plans such as our Brand New Subscription & Award🥇Winning Non-Subscription box Plans that was seen featured on The Wendy Williams show. 

You now have the ability to select any monthly box and choose any monthly box plan as all boxes now qualify for both Subscription and Non-Subscription plans. Keep in mind, no matter what box or plan you choose, it does not change The Quality, The Value or The High-end Premium products that’s incorporated and sourced from around the world for your boxes each month.

How Both Plans Work & The Difference Between The Two:  

*A Subscription plan is a reoccurring monthly plan that will charge your credit card automatically each month till you decide to cancel it. Each month you are billed on the same day and if you do not cancel you will continue to get charged till you do cancel. There are no refunds or exchanges on subscriptions of any kind.

A Non-Subscription Plan works exactly the same as a subscription plan except you prepay in advance for your plan and your credit card will never get charge again. There is no hidden fee’s and You do not need to remember to cancel. When all boxes have shipped and your plan is up, that’s it, the plan is done. We will however, send out a reminder 30 days before your plan is up giving you the option to extend your plan, pick a different plan and box or just be done with it all. You never have to worry about us charging your card ever again! 

The Benefits: Which ever Monthly Box and Subscription or Non-subscription plan you choose, you will now have more control over your Membership, your products, customization and more. You can customize your boxes at anytime as long as your box has not shipped out for that month simply by visiting our live chat support located on our Homepage.

You can shop our huge inventory throughout the entire month at 70% off and shop with your discount codes and your weekly email discount to achieve an even bigger discount. We have gifts for all ages, genders and that will fit into anyone budget regardless of your financial situation.
We also added a new 24 hour 7 days a week Live Chat Support so whenever you need us, we will be there to help you at anytime.


Welcome To The New & Improved Facetreasures Boutique & Luxury Monthly boxes!!!

**All 3/6/9/12 Month Subscriptions & Non Subscription box plans will come with up to 3 additional monthly boxes for free (A$600 value) depending on the plan chosen. The Free box promotion requires no code and will be on going for new members (while supplies last).


June 2022 Monthly Box Collection

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