Billing For Monthly Boxes

Our Prepaid 3/6/9/12 Month "Gift It & Forget It" Plans are exactly the same as any Premium Subscription Box but without the actual Subscription plan and hidden fees. There is no need to remember to cancel, once the plan expires, that's it - you're done! It's the perfect Luxury Gift plan for someone special in your life. It's on you to come back and reorder another plan When its done, we will not recharge your credit card ever.

Each plan comes with additional Monthly Boxes For Free, up to 3 additional monthly boxes for free depending on the plan you choose.

You also have the ability to customize each monthly box as you see fit, just reach out to one of our Live Support Chat Agents located on the left hand side of this screen and we will take care of you.

We created this plan for people who love Subscription products and the value each box brings Monthly but hates the actual Subscription Plan & Hidden Fees. If this sounds like you, than this Monthly box is for you!

Each Member will have their first Monthly box shipped within 48 hours and on the 18th of every month thereafter till your plan is fulfilled in full. We will send you a reminder a month before your plan is about to expire so you can come back and purchase a new plan if you'd like, No pressure the choice is always yours.

This is our most popular product & Gifted Plans. Our Monthly boxes were featured on The Wendy Williams Show and we were the 3 Time 2021 Award Winner for the most high value luxury monthly box of the year, The 2021 Most Gifted, The best K-beauty Sheet Mask Box In The Sub Box Industry In 2021 & We are up to be awarded again for The year 2022 in the next 4 months - Wish us luck even though we know we won't need it!