Shipping & Returns Policy Updated 3/29/2022

Shipping & Payment:

We will attempt to ship all products on the same day the order is placed only if you paid by PayPal.

*Paypal Accepts All Major Credit & Debit Cards, Does Split Payments on all purchases, Protects you with A 100% Money Back Guarantee If You Do Not Receive Your Purchase, Guarantees Shipping of all items in a fast & timely manner, We will not need to verify Any purchases made regardless of the price of items purchased or location the items are being shipped too Including International Destinations. More Importantly, Nor Do you we need to wait for your payment to clear the bank in order to ship any of your items.

If you choose not to pay using Paypal, Your items will ship once payment has cleared within 24-72 hours. You will receive a tracking update via E-mail which will also be attached to your account within 24 hours to 72 hours. You items will also be Insured up to double the value to ensure a safe & timely delivery to all locations.  We will ship all prepaid monthly "Gift it & Forget it" Non-Subscription Boxes On The same day of order regardless of payment type used. All other items will ship as soon as payment clears (within 48 hours max) unless you have paid via PayPal as stated above.

We are shipping every single day including some Weekends, We will get all packages to their perspective location In a Fast, Safe timely manner.

International Customers Payment Terms:

*International Customers Must Pay Using Paypal Only. As it states above, Paypal Accepts All Major Credit & Debit Cards, Offers Split Payments On Purchases, Offers Credit On Purchases & Guarantees 100% all your money back and protects you from not receiving your purchased items, Paypal also ensures your items shipped & delivered in a safe and timely manner. Paying with Paypal guarantees protection for you & Our store against scammers and stolen credit cards. If you do not use Paypal to pay for your purchases, your items will NOT Ship till payment clears the bank & we can verify all purchases with the bank and the actual card holder. We will need a copy of the front & back of the credit card, the billing & shipping address must match what the bank has on file and we will need to call and verify purchase with the actual owner of the credit card to ensure the payment was authorized. This process can take up to 3 weeks to complete and your items will not ship till the verification has been completed and approved by the bank.

Unfortunately, Due to an unprecedented amount of online International and National Scammers, we have Absolutely no choice but to follow this procedure unless you pay by Paypal only which verification is instantaneous and takes less than 30 seconds.

If you do not have a Paypal Account, it is very easy and super fast to create one, you can do so right from the cart while your purchasing your items.

Keep In Mind, Paying Using Paypal Will eliminate all of the verification and your items will ship the same day you purchase With tracking Updating within 24 hours to your account - We will Also e-mail you the information for reference.

International Shipping: 

Keep in mind, We have zero control over Customs and their operations which has a major effect on when and how fast you may receive your packages. Furthermore, due to the Covid Pandemic the USPS Has put together a International restriction list of countries that we are restricted to ship to till further notice. The USPS Suggest that the list get checked daily as the list will change without notice. If your country is listed and you have ordered from us, we can wait till restrictions have been lifted to your country to ship items or we can refund you in full. If you ordered a monthly "Gift It & Forget It" Box, we will not be able to offer any refunds or exchanges and you will need to wait till all restrictions for your country has been lifted and we are able to ship accordingly. Keep in mind that The USPS Is not the one who placed these restrictions on shipments to your country and that it is due entirely on the country you reside in, Customs and any other Governing group associated with your Country. We absolutely can not provide information on this situation nor do we have any say or control over what's happening or why. You will need to speak to Customs or your Government to ask these questions. For a more detailed outline regarding our Shipping Policy, you can find that located in our Footer Menu under "Shipping"

Returns & Exchanges:

We do not offer Returns due to the New Covid-19 Laws that are now in place for your protection and for the more obvious reasons:Safety & Sanitary concerns. Being that we only sell premium cosmetics, personal Items, customized gifts and unique boutique products - All items listed on our site qualify as non-returnable goods.

We always try to make our customers happy the best way we can and we do this in many ways by offering premium insurance on all items at no cost to the customer. Should a package ever get lost in transit, Stuck at a postal facility in your area or elsewhere, if items arrive broken/Damaged, or if the item shows "Delivered" and you claim you didn't receive the package, You will need/Must  file a claim with the USPS On their website within 24 hours at the website (The USPS.Com/Insuranceclaims) Keep In Mind, Situations like these are not in our control nor are we even responsible once packages leave our location and are in the possession of the Postal Carrier. Customers some how like to blame us as if we have some type of control over the mail so we will state the following if you act as if its our fault**We do not control how the mail moves, the delays, the damage that may occur while in transit, lost or stolen packages, Customs & their issues and delays, your country Taxes & Duty Fees or anything associated with the Entire Postal service.

Our Job & Responsibility When It Comes To The Mail, Shipping & Delivery As Followed & By Law:

We package the items, take photos and videos of the more expensive items while packaging the packages than we pay for the insurance (This is optional) and We Pay The Postage after that we Schedule For a pick up by the Post Office. Once All Packages Are Picked Up, We are done and No Longer Responsible for anything else Relating to your packages & the mail. The Post Office is in possession now & Are 100% Responsible Till The Delivery Of Your Goods.

Remember,We fulfilled our part of the process and am no longer responsible from their on out once the mail is picked up and in the post office possession. *However, We do pay extra money for insurance on all Customer packages should any of these rare things occur. 90% of the claims filed were approved in less than 48 hours with products replaced or funds reimbursed in less than a week. For more details on "how & where" or for more Detailed Shipping & Delivery information - You will need to Read Our "Shipping & Delivery" Procedures/Policy located on the bottom footer of our site in the quick links section above the social media links. 

Also Under Special Circumstances, Some items may or may not be approved for an exchanged and this will only be handled by the Operations Manager or the Owner on a case by case basis. If you ever have an issue, Just reach out to us one of the 4 different ways we have listed 24/7 live and we will handle your situation to the best of our ability.

Customer Satisfaction is Our #1 Priority, you can always reach us no matter what time of day or night even on Holidays as we have Live Customer Support via 4 Different Ways As Followed:

*E-mail -

*Social Media D.M - FacetreasuresBox/Instagram or Facebook/Facetreasures

*Live Chat - Right Here The Bottom Left Hand Side Of Your Screen

*Phone Call - 1-609-887-6653 or 1-609-400-4103



**Shipping & Returns Policy Updated 3/29/2022**