Shipping policy

Shipping is always free if you spend over $50. Otherwise shipping will cost you a flat rate fee of $5 - $6 depending on your location. This Flat Rate Fee Only Applies To USA Residents Only. *International Consumers will have to pay the regular cost of shipping, Customs fees, Duty taxes or any other charges that's incurred to ship your items to your location. We also pay for insurance to guarantee a safe & timely delivery of all products that you ordered. If there's an issue with your shipment or if damage occurs during shipping process, you will be responsible for filing a claim with the shipping company (USPS.COM) before any replacement will be issued to you. *When you purchase from us ( or our sister sites) you are automatically agreeing to theses Terms & Conditions as this is a legally binding contract. You (The Customer) is responsible to file the claim with the USPS.COM site. *USA Consumers - Keep in mind, we ship Priority Mail only and we are covering the rising costs that occur 3 times a year (The Cost To Ship Priority anywhere in the USA Is currently at the rate of $8.30) The Customer Only Pays A Portion Of That Fee and we cover the rest, We Also Cover the insurance Cost on all packages (Up To $100) and your tracking cost of ($3.00) as we only use "Premium Tracking" to ensure a safe & timely delivery of all items. Should your shipment arrive damaged Or if you claim you did not receive your shipment when tracking shows you have, than you will need to file a "Lost Package" Claim with the USPS.Com Before we will replace any items. Keep In Mind, we are not responsible to file this claim, only the customer receiving the package will be responsible to file a claim with the USPS.

Please Note: Once your package leaves our location and is in the possession of the Post Office, we are no longer responsible for your package. We can not control delays or are responsible for how long delivery will take. You Are Given Tracking Information To Answer All These Questions As The Tracking Will Show You The Delivery Process Step By Step Till Your Items Are Safely delivered To Your Location. Once Your order is placed, your products will be shipped with in 24 hours *Weather permitting ( Excluding Weekends & Holidays.) If You Ordered A Monthly Box - Your first box will ship within 24 hours and on the 18th of every month there after till your monthly plan expires. Your next Monthly shipment after your first box will be 29 days from that date and your card will also be charged the day of next shipment. (The 18th of every month) These terms can change without notice (For more info on Monthly boxes, Shipments & payments, go to the Subscription/ Monthly box Policy) **Currently we only have Non Subscription Prepaid Monthly Boxes that we call "The Gift It & Forget It Plans" We did this to eliminate the hidden fees and taxes that subscription charges bring.  Currently our customers will not need to remember to renew or cancel. We simplified the monthly box terms as of 11/01/2021. *All Add on products & Single One Time Gift Purchases can be shipped Within 24 hours also prior to your next monthly box or you can have your "Add On" items ship with your Next Monthly Box. The option is yours. Limited edition boxes will be shipped with in 24 hours from order Unless you request your gifts & any other purchases to be shipped by a specific date. **If you are Gifting a Subscription or product and wish to have that product shipped at a certain time, Leave A Message during the checkout process (In your cart notes) or email us or reach us live via our 24/7 chat feature located on our home screen and someone will help you with all you shopping needs.

If You Have Any further questions, comments or requests, please feel free to reach out as we are here 24/7 and will try our best to accommodate all Your questions, Concerns, Custom orders and Shipping requests.