Collection: Clearance

This Collection will feature products that are On Sale or Marked Down Dramatically due to unforeseen circumstances that may have occurred to the packaging.

When you purchase a "Clearance" item you understand that you are receiving the product in an "As Is" Condition. All Products Are Non Refundable & Can Not Be Exchanged.

Products in this Collection Are Brand New, Never Been Used, Opened. Some Products will have Scratches, Dents, Or Marks On The Packing or outside on the product Case or Item. Some Items come without Seals or Boxes Due to storing or moving products around in Storage.

Through Shipping from the Manufacturer, we will receive Some products that are Damaged on the outside Of The Product or With boxes that have been dented, scratched up or Damaged from Stickers but The Product itself will be in Excellent, Brand New Condition.

Examples: Lipsticks without the seals or The Lipstick Case May Be Dented But The Actual Lipstick is in Brand New, Unused, Perfect Condition. Makeup & Skincare products without the Boxes, Eyeshadow Palettes with a broken color or Scratches on the outer package. 

The product will usually state in the actual listing of some Scratches or Damages but not always. However, If the product is listed as "Clearance" its due to one of the factors Listed above.

If the product is a Makeup Palette and its missing a Color or a Color has a mark or Chip it one of the colors in the palette due to Dropping, Storing & Moving the Product - It will state that in the actual listing of the Product In Question. *This Will Only Apply To Makeup Palettes Only.