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Facetreasures Luxury 3D Treasure Lashes

Facetreasures Luxury 3D Treasure Lashes

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Facetreasures Luxury Treasure Eyelashes

Facetreasures Luxury 3D Faux Mink Treasure Lashes bring the world the most all natural sexy wispy Eyelashes in Designer Beauty! Professional Makeup Artist Rave about Treasure Lashes & You will too! You will not want any other lashes once you try these guaranteed.

If your looking for sexy all natural 3D Faux Mink Light As Air Hypoallergenic Eyelashes that look completely Natural that you can wear to the office giving your eyelashes just enough Length, Flare & Drama where people will think these are your Natural Long Eyelashes you were born with,than these are for you!
Treasure eyelashes are easy to wear with a flexible strong band that takes only seconds to apply, the lashes are light as air you will forget your even wearing them.
These are made for the most sensitive eyes.

These Amazing Facetreasures Faux Mink 3D Luxury Treasure Eyelashes Are 100% Hypoallergenic, 100% Cruelty free, 100% Vegan & 100% Perfect For You!

Our Treasure Lashes are Handmade in NewJersey with extreme attention to detail so these lashes won’t shed or break and can be trimmed perfectly to your eye size. We intentionally made these beautiful eyelashes for Medium to Small Eyes as we know there is not many on the market. You will make just enough impact where people will definitely notice you but can’t figure out why you look so good

More Features & Details

  • [One Of A Kind & Awarded Best In The Beauty Industry]**Only With Facetreasures “Treasures Lashes” are You able to wear Makeup and the lashes will still keep there shape and won’t shed or break. Others branded lashes on the market you can not wear makeup or they won’t last one night so we made sure you can repeatedly wear one pair of lashes with or without makeup 15-20 additional times! we made these specifically for that reason also so bring out the makeup bag and get runway ready without worrying**
  • ♛[Natural Looking & Lightweight Featherweight ] If you’re after a more subtle, natural-looking, you must try Treasure Lashes! Each of the individual lashes varies in length—just like your natural eyelashes. Perfect for small, monolid & almond Eyes, achieve the no-makeup look.
  • ♛[Soft, Strong & Flexible Band] False eyelashes feature black cotton lash band will add some more definition to your eyes, which allows for an easy and seamless application on the lash line without the need for eyeliner.
  • ♛[Irregular & Tapered 3D Hairs] Each of the individual synthetic fibers tapers off at the end, mimicking your natural lashes. Our strip eyelashes are subtly rounded to sit tightly on your lash line.
  • ♛[Lightweight & Comfortable] our eyelashes are made of premium synthetic fibers, which are lightweight and will not burden your eyes. You will feel comfortables throughout the day.
  • ♛[Reusable & Very Durable] Easy to trim and apply. Our eyelashes are designed to last for 15 to 20 additional uses, these eyelashes will keep their quality, shape & style with proper care.
  • A purchase of 5 pairs of Eyelashes Or More Will Get A Free 4 Piece Exotic Lash Kit Which Includes *One Exotic Lash Bath to keep your lashes brand new and free of makeup or pollutants. One Pair Of Eyelash Trimmers/Scissors - *High Quality Steel Scissors that will keep your lashes perfectly trimmed to perfection and great for your Eyebrows also. ($28 Value) *One Lash brush to keep your lashes in shape and to ensure your eyelashes are free of dust and to maintain its Wispy Flare/Curl. This brush is great for Eyebrow’s & last but not least, You’ll get one matching *Pair of Tweezers to apply your eyelashes also excellent for trimming your Treasure lashes and or plucking your Eyebrows.
  • This Exotic lash kit is valued over $58 and yours 100% Free with purchase of any 5 pairs of Eyelashes with code (Lashkit) and 50% off lash kit with purchase of 3 pairs of lashes with code (lash50


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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Robin Raynor

Amazing, came with spoolie, came a bit late as it said it was shipped for like a week but came packaged well.

Stacy Wilson
They Are Not Lying, These Lashes Are The Best I've Ever Tried! *Real Reviewer*

I Promise you that you are missing out by not buying these lashes! These are perfect for anyone who is new to wearing lashes and can't seem to get the lashes to look right on your eyes, These work so well and they last till you take them off. I even forgot they were on, I washed my face and everything, went to bed and still had these lashes on the next day when I woke up and they were attached exactly the same as if I just applied them, I couldn't believe it! If you want natural looking lashes that you cant even tell there on that gives you just enough drama meaning glam than these are it baybee...Actual Eyelashes That Look Like You Were Born With These, Long Enough To Make Your Face Look fabulous And Perfect For That Corporate sophisticated type of Job. ***Also you get a FREE EXOTIC LASH KIT THAT COMES WITH LITTERALLY EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KEEP YOUR LASHES RIGHT AND TIGHT. The Entire Package, Lashes & Free Lash Kit SAVES YOU TONS OF MONEY NOW AND IN THE LONG RUN - Beautiful Lashes THAT PAYS FOR THEMSELVES OVERTIME! Thanks babe, Sorry So Long But A Real Detailed Review Of Something So Fabulous Takes Time So At The End Of The Day, I Definitely recommend!

Josephine Kuphal

Absolutely gorgeous! These lashes are beautiful and the shipping was fast! So happy with my purchase!

Ernie Rosenbaum

Very beautiful false eyelashes exactly as in the photo!

Roxane Prosacco

The best false eyelashes