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Olay Kiwi & Adzuki Seed Exfoliating Face, Body Powder, 4.23 Oz.

Olay Kiwi & Adzuki Seed Exfoliating Face, Body Powder, 4.23 Oz.

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Polish your skin with Olay and feel the difference! 
Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who longed for glowing skin. She sought out the best ingredients from around the world and stumbled across Olay's Kiwi & Adzuki Seed Exfoliating Face, Body Powder. With its 4.23 Oz of natural exfoliants like kiwi seed powder and adzuki bean powder, it gently buffed away her dry skin leaving her feeling radiantly smooth and silky soft! The princess' friends were so envious that they all wanted to try it too - and thus began an enduring love affair with Olay's Kiwi & Adzuki Seed Exfoliating Face, Body Powder! 

  • Formulated with natural Kiwi and Adzuki seeds to exfoliate the skin, leaving it refreshed and hydrated
  • Contains antioxidant Green tea and vitamin E for soothing properties that help nourish skin throughout the day
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Use shower time to detox and purify skin with our advanced Kiwi & Adzuki Seed Exfoliating Face & Body Powder. Our water activated powder cleanser transforms into bubbly lather to gently exfoliate all over or targeted dry skin areas like elbows, knees or heals.  Leaves skin smooth and glowing like never before.
  • WHAT IT DOES: Gently exfoliates to remove dry surface cells and reveal skin’s natural glow.
  • HOW IT WORKS: Instantly activates with water into a micro scrubbing lather that exfoliates and purifies skin.


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