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Save Your Time, Energy And Money Now! Toss Out The Old, Bring In The New with Powerful Products Made Up Of Pure Botanicals, Herbs, Vitamins, Fruit, Omegas & The Finest All Natural Ingredients that only Nature can Offer & Regain Healthier, Glowing, Youthful Looking Skin In Under 30 Days Guaranteed!

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Premium Korean Beauty Anyone?

Skin-care You Can Not Live Without!

Premium Skincare

Premium Skincare

In This Collection You Will Find All Your Premium Skincare Favorites To... 

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Facetreasures Inc. Is A Luxury Boutique and Non-Subscription Monthly Box Business That offers 3/6/9/12 Month Prepaid Box Plans with the best Customer incentives in the entire industry! Every Monthly plan comes with an additional Free Monthly Box. Actually, depending on the plan you choose, you can get upto 3 monthly boxes for Free - Thats $1000 in savings! No one offers so much incentive to their customers, not even the big guys out there! We Created this site for those who love Subscription products and the value they bring to the box each month but hate the hidden fee's, the actual Subscription plan & the Renewals each month. If that sounds like you, than your in the right place!

Take a look around and if you have any further questions, you may reach out to our Live 24 hour Customer Support Team on Chat by hitting the Black Icon on the bottom left hand side of your screen that says "Chat With Us" and someone will be right with you!

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Our Award Winning Monthly Boxes

Our Luxury Gifts & Monthly Non-Subscription box plans Make the best gifts ever! You can gift everyone on your list the perfect box just for them each month for as long as you choose without worrying if you will be charged again. Our plans and boxes are fun, transparent, Non subscription and works for everyone on your list this holiday!

Its As Simple As This:

Pick your box type, Pick your plan, and your done! We will take care of the rest. The First box will ship the same day and every 18th of each month thereafter, till your plan has been fully fulfilled. We will never charge your card, renew the plan, you dont need to cancel or come back!

Now that’s What I Call Simple Gifting!

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Luxury Jewels You'll Love

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Come Skin-Care With Liv Tyler & Facetreasures....

New Products

New Products

This Collection Carries Our Latest & Greatest Uploads. Brand New, Newly Released... 

Frequently Asked Q & A

Luxury Monthly Gift Boxes

Our Non-Subscription 3/6/9/12 Month box Plans are exactly the same as a regular subscription box but without the actual subscription plan and hidden fees! Our Monthly Boxes are excellent for gifting especially around the holidays, you can very easily pick a box for everyone on your list as we have something to offer all genders, ages, styles and tastes. Just Pick the amount of boxes you'd like them to recieve and the type of box such as a monthly Jewelry box, Monthly Makeup box, Monthly K-beauty Skincare box, Monthly Lifestyle box, Monthly Selfcare box, Monthly Spa or any other featured Monthly box you see listed.

You also have the ability to customize your monthly boxes to ensure you recieve only monthly boxes you love each and every month by reaching out to our 24 hour live chat and an agent will update your account accordingly. Since our monthly boxes have been featured on The Wendy Williams Show In 2021, we have been sold out or close to sold out each month and we think that's because people love the convenience of what we offer & People are realizing that a Non-subscription monthly plan may be the better option. Most people hate for their credit card to continuously keep getting charged each month & most people always forget to remember to cancel their Subscription plan in time before the next charge is due again and before you know it, you've now paid for an entire year but at full price on a monthly basis without any incentive or discount! The Subscription Industry counts on these things happening, this is really how they make their money.

You do not need to worry Or wonder if you select a non subscription monthly box over a regualar subscription box, that you may get less products or you may be sacraficing the value of the box and quality however, that can't be farther from the truth. Everything stays the same, we only eliminated the worst part, which is the actual subscription plan and the strings attached! Your in good hands with Facetreasures, We Guarantee it!

More On How It Works?

pick the length of your plan, either a 3 month, 6 month, 9 month or 12 month plan than you pick the type of box you'd like to recieve each month such as the ones we mentioned above & Thats it! Your first box will ship the same day or within 24 hours priority 2-day mail and every other box thereafter will ship out on or around the 18th of each month and will continue to arrive to the shipping address on your account till your plan expires and all boxes have shipped.

We will never charge your credit card or attempt to renew anything, We will send you a reminder the final month you are due your last box to remind you that your plan is about to expire indefinitely and give you the option to sign up again for the same plan, extend your plan with the same box type or you have the option to try something new but whatever the case, you are not in anyway obligated to stay and pay again!

You have all the control and our customers love that!

Incentives & Free monthly Box Promotion:

Each New customer & plan comes with additional Monthly Boxes For 100% Free ( Up to 3 Additional Monthly Boxes in fact, A $600 value) Depending on the plan chosen, will depend on just how many free monthly boxes you will get however, no matter what plan you do choose, every plan comes with a free box (Excluding one time single purchase monthly box) as part of an on going promotion that will remain active till our promotional boxes have sold out completely which is normallt around Christmas. Unfortantly, Single one time gift box purchases do not qualify For The Free Box Promo

Customizing your boxes:

You also have the ability to customize each monthly box as you see fit, just reach out to one of our Live Support Agents via The Chat Icon located on the left hand side of this screen and we will take care of you 24/7


Each Member will have their first Monthly box shipped within 24 hours and on the 18th of every month thereafter till your plan is fulfilled completely.

As we stated prior, We will send you a reminder a month before your plan is about to expire so you can come back and purchase a new plan if you'd like, No pressure as the choice is always yours.

Payment Types & Split Pay Options

We accept all payment types with the exception of Paypal, We offer "ShopPay" Aka Affirm which is exactly the same as Paypal but with better customer options and Better customer security.

If you pay with "ShopPay, you have the ability to get your items shipped much faster, within 3 days or you will be refunded in full! You have the ability to have your order total split into 4 payments or you can pay over several months time.

ShopPay protects their customers 100% and guarantees you will get brand new authentic items as shown and described or your money back!

*Keep in mind, if your order total comes over $50 and you pay via ShopPay, your items will ship immediately, usually within 24 hours and no later than 3 days & You will not need to be verified as A verification Is done automatically within 30 seconds while your checking out which you won't even notice.

However, If you pay any other way and your order total comes over $50, we will need to verify all transactions due to the alarming rise of e-commerce scams that have been on the rise recently since all businesses have moved to online shopping. The verification process is strictly in place For our protection and yours, We suggest paying with maxium protection always especially around the holidays using the payment providers we listed here or If your in a rush, just pay via Shopify pay and you will skip the verification process entirely & will be 100% protected!

We offer split pay on all items on our store so our customers have the ability to pay over time and still get their items within 24 hours to 3 days.

You also can pay over time with "Zezzle" another fantastic split pay provider.

We except all major Credit Cards and other payment providers such as Visa, American express, Mastercard, Discover, Google pay.

All payment providers are listed under our protect listings and many more listed during the checkout process for your convenience.


We will Try To ship all orders that come in before 4pm Eastern time If payment has cleared the same day, Otherwise your items will ship within 24 hours this Excludes Weekends & Holidays. However, We do try to ship on Saturdays if we have large amount of orders and employees.

*Please note: If your order is over $50 or if your order has been flagged by the bank to be verified by the merchant which does occur a lot more now due to 90% of businesses moving online, the bank will sometimes require that the merchant verify the billing zip code and or address with the 3 digit CVV number - Be prepared to disclose this information if asked or your product will be delayed or your order may be cancelled entirely. This information may or may not be required and is required if asked to prevent E-commerce scams and for your protection and the protection of ours business.

You will be contacted via the email you set-up on the account, Please make sure all your information is correct when signing up and purchasing from us to prevent any mistakes and to make the process as smooth and fast as possible.

You will be notified of Your shipment via The USPS or We will also send you an email with tracking notification. Sometimes tracking can take up to 3-5 days to reflect to your account depending on how fast The USPS Moves, we have had customers receive their packages prior to getting their tracking information.

Monthly boxes - All Monthly boxes will ship on the 18th of every month with your first box shipping within 24 hours or the Same day you Ordered as stated above but with no guarantees Should There Be Any Of The Following Issues  such as Postal delays, The Weather, Government Shutdowns, Holidays & Weekends.

If You Prepaid For One Of Our "Gift It & Forget It" Non-Subscription monthly Plans Such As Our 3/6/9/12 Month box plan In Advance, Than you are considered a "Monthly Prepaid Gift Member"  Which Means your boxes will ship early Each Month On Your Schedule Or On The 1st of Every Month With All Other Prepaid Gift Members. You Can Have Your Boxes Shipped Every Week, 2 Weeks, Monthly Or Every Other Month By Reaching Out To Use Via E-mail Or Our Live 24-hour Chat On Our Home Page & We Will Adjust Your Account Accordingly. 

If You Are Gifting Your Box For The Holiday Or Special Occasion As A Special Gift & Would Like Your Boxes To Arrive By A Certain Date, You May Reach Us Via E-mail Or Live Chat and We Will Accommodate Only If There Is Enough Time To Make The Requested Delivery Date - We Will Not Guarantee Any Delivery Due To Several Circumstances That May Be Out Of Our Control.

To Create Your Own Shipping Schedule For Your Monthly Non-Subscription Boxes, Please Reach Out Via E-mail & We will Update Your Account Accordingly Within 24 Hours.

Gift Purchases Will Ship Same Day With No Guarantee Of Delivery By Any Certain Date, Nor Will We Be Held Responsible Should Your Package Not Arrive withIn The Specified Time You Would Like, Due To Any Of The Unforeseen Circumstances That May Or May Not Occur That We Have No Control Over Such As Postal Delays, The Weather, Government Shutdowns, Holidays & Weekends. 

We Only Ship via The USPS "Priority" Mail 2-3 days With Insurance & First Class To Ensure A Fast, Timely & Safe Delivery Of Goods, Sometimes We May Use A Different Carrier For International Goods Or If We Can Get Your Package Shipped Faster.

Should your package be Marked "Delivered" To the address That you provided on your account and you claim you did not receive your Package - We Will NOT Replace Your Box Under Any Circumstances. You do have the option However, to file an insurance claim with The USPS which will spark an internal investigation and they (The Usps) will then Try To locate your package. This will be handled between you and The USPS Only. We are NOT Responsible / Liable Once The Shipping Carrier Takes Possession Of Your Package. The Tracking History will show Exactly When The Shipping Carrier Took Possession Of Your Goods Which Will Then Release Us Of Any Further Liability Or Responsibility Regarding Your Package Starting On That Date & Time Shown. To file a claim, you may do so at claims

Should You Receive A Damaged Product/Box, You Must Take Photos & Contact Us immediately. You may file a claim  the same way you would for lost packages by doing so by going to the USPS.Com/claims they will reimburse you for damages that was caused by their carriers during transit to the prospective location. We are not responsible to replace your package weather lost, stolen or Damaged due to the insurance coverage we pay extra for. All packages are covered with insurance should any of thee above happen.

If the USPS Finds that your box has been delivered or not damaged as you stated, The Usps will refuse to pay out on the insurance claim and will file for Criminal Charges to be placed against you for fraud.

If you have any further questions regarding our shipping policy you may reach out to us by clicking on the chat button or the "Contact us " Tab on our home page


More Shipping Information & Pricing:

We Offer Flat Rate Shipping Of $6 For Any Product Purchased Regardless Where In Reside In The USA. You Have the Option to pay for Expedited Shipping Or Shipping Overnight At The Prices Determined By The USPS, UPS Or FEDEX. We also offer FREE "Priority" Shipping If Your Cart Totals Over $50 Anywhere In The USA.

*International Shipping Is Also Available At The Prices Offered By The USPS. We also offer Free international Shipping if your cart amounts over $100. International Customers are responsible for all Shipping Fees, Customs & Duty Taxes. International Customers also have the option to have their items Expressed & Shipped Expedited At Prices Determined By The Shipper Chosen As Followed:




More On Lost Packages:

If your package is shown "in transit" after 10 days and you live in the USA, Let Us know & We will reach out to The USPS To find out if there are any current delays that may cause this delivery to be delayed in any way & we will ask for an estimated time of delivery if one is available. If The USPS Cannot Locate Your Package and its marked "Label Created" or still "In Transit" after 10 days & you live in the USA, we will Re-issue/Replace your products not Received/Delivered. 

***International Customers Only*** Shipping, Delivery, Payment & Insurance Information As Followed:

All International Packages will ship as soon as Funds Have Cleared, All International customers have the ability to use any Credit Card You Want However, we will need to wait for payment to clear by your bank, wait for funds to transfer and we will need to verify your credit card, billing address and the 3 digit CVV Code on the credit card used to place this order. We need to verify that billing & shipping also matches whats on file with the bank. We will need to also call you to verify purchase. This is for your protection & ours. Than & only then will your package be shipped.

It Can take up to 3 weeks for the entire verification process to be completed so it's in your best interest to respond immediately with the proper requested documents or information required or your order will be cancelled immediately and a refund may be delayed for weeks to indefinitely. We only ask for this information if your bank requires us to or if your account has been flagged for possible fraudulent activity.

Shopify Payments has its own fast verification process that you will not even notice and it guarantees your purchase, Delivery on time, The Condition Of Your Items During Transit and It Protects Our Store From Scammers Using Stolen Credit Cards. *Shipping rules do apply above. All packages shipped are covered with insurance should your package get lost or damage occur during transit, it will be your responsibility to file a claim with the usps at the website

Once your package has left our facility & Is in the hands of the post office, we are no longer responsible for your package as its the responsibility of the carrier who we have no control over when it comes to Lost, Stolen or Damaged Packages. ***Remember, Shipping Delays and how long it takes for your package to clear Customs has absolutely nothing to do with us and you will need to contact the USPS not us regarding these type of issues. Also, you will need to contact Customs which we have No Control Over & The Postal Carrier or office in your own Country which we also have no control over for any type of information. We do Not Control ANY TYPE OF MAIL OPERATIONS OF ANY KIND, in any way, whats so ever!

You May Reach Us At The Following:

*Our 24 hour Live Support Chat Located On Our Home Screen Or At

Or Write To Us At The Following Address:

533 North Kentucky Ave

Atlantic City New Jersey 08401

Or You May Call Us & Speak To A Live Agent At The Following:

1-609-400-3101 *24/7 Customer Support Line

Returns & Exchanges

Due to the type of products we sell and due to the new laws in place that went into effect on January 15th 2020 due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are unable to accept any returns or exchanges on personal cosmetics. This is due to the new and strict restrictions the F.D.A has in place for your protection and ours and more importantly, due to safetly and sanitary concerns.

Non-Returnable Items are as followed:

All Cosmetics such as skincare, All makeup, All Monthly Subscription and Non-Subscription boxes, Gift Boxes, Limited Edition Items, Customized Items such as Jewelry and Gifts, Customized Monthly Boxes, Customized Bundles, Mystery Boxes and Bundles, All Gift Cards, Haircare, Lifestyle Boxes and items, Bath, Body & Spa Bundles and Gifts, Handcrafted items, Any Cosmetic Tools, Home Decor, Candles & Fragrances.

If you have any questions about this policy and or about the law thats in place on the Sale and Return of Cosmetics, you can find more information in greater detail on The F.D.A. Website at FDA.GOV/Cosmetics

Contact Us

You May Contact Us 24 Hours A Day 7 Days A Week Through The Information Listed. You can also fill the form out which will reach us via E-mail and we will respond within 24 hours.

For Immediate Help, Please Use Our "Live Chat" Feature Located On Our Home Page.

In The Event You Are Unable To Reach Our Live support, Leave Your E-mail & Message in the Chat Section and We Will Respond As Soon As Possible. Your Message Will Get Forwarded To The Agents Cell Phone That Is On Duty At That Time of your message.

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