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18mm Dramatic Vegan Mink Eyelashes

18mm Dramatic Vegan Mink Eyelashes

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18mm Vegan Mink wispy Dramatic Eyelashes

Indulge In All Natural Dramatic Wispy Glamorous Eyelashes strictly made for a boss Only!

 These Luxury Wispy Eyelashes will take you from the office straight to the after party without worrying if you need a touch up or re-application of makeup.

Yes, you can wear makeup with our Eyelashes as they are built strong with a thin flexible band and Cruelty Free Mink Fibers that won’t shed or tangle and with proper care, your lashes will last up to 22 additional uses with proper care saving you tons of money!

We guarantee that once you wear our Luxury Vegan Eyelashes, you won’t settle for less any longer especially with those other Eyelash businesses that promise you the world! 

We know our Premium eyelashes beats all the others on the Luxury market and we know this as we are the* 2 Time Award Winner Of The Best Premium Eyelash Business of 2020 & 2021 and We Won In All 3 Of The Top Categories in Style, Beauty & More Importantly, The Quality!

We noticed a huge demand for Premium Eyelashes Curated in The United States so we decided to step in with all of our knowledge and experience to fill that void and Facetreasures Luxury False EyeLash brand was created!

We also noticed EyeLashes being marketed online as homemade in the USA and marketed as luxury when they are not!  
We have seen how customers always complained about the other lash companies lack of style and quality while having the audacity to market their eyelashes as luxury and with prices so high, you would think their lashes were made of gold - than as soon as you get their product/lashes home to try on, either they do not look anything like the model wearing the eyelashes on the website or package and or the quality was down right disrespectful!

We won’t allow that with our eyelashes! The models wearing our luxury eyelashes on the photos and packaging uare actual employees of “Facetreasures Beauty & Skincare Boutique, Gifts & Monthly Boxes”…

You will have the option to speak with a customer support agent to help trim & apply your eyelashes and we will even send you “How To” Videos if needed.

We will also help you pick out the correct size and style for your eye shape and the look your trying to achieve. We are specialists and can show you how to become a Makeup & Lash Pro in under 2 mins by giving you all the secret lash tips people do not know about!

Two of our support agents who also created the “How To” videos are or were actual A-list Celebrity Makeup Artists who applied and created one of a kind eyelashes daily. 

You will have the ability to get 1 to 4 pairs of our 18mm 100%Vegan, 100% Cruelty Free, Handmade in New Jersey Luxury Light As A Feather, Wispy But Super Sexy & Dramatic Eyelashes.

All Eyelash purchases of 2 pairs or more will receive a free Lash Kit that includes everything you need to properly care for your eyelashes such as our Famous Exotic All Natural Foaming Lash Bath, One matching Tweezer to apply your Eyelashes-Perfect for trimming and applying perfectly to the eyelids.

You will also get One Eyelashes/Eye Brow Matching Spoilie  Brush to brush the eyelashes and keep them free of debris, glue, or environmental pollutant's also great for Brows too!

One 2-in-1 Black Waterproof Eyeliner that doubles as Your glue for your lashes so no need to worry about glue or making a mess. The only mess you’ll make with our liner / glue is a beautiful creation! Our eyeliner comes in a diamond and gold beautiful package that’s perfect to throw in your bag or take with you anywhere if you ever need to apply or re-apply your eyeliner or some glue to keep your lashes in place for another 12 hours.

Our waterproof glue 2-in-1 Lash liner holds 12 hours straight and can also be removed with our Exotic All Natural Lash bath as our Exotic Lash Bath is also great for washing your face, it incorporates only All Natural cleansing ingredients that won’t hurt your eyes or you in any way shape or form.

*(Absolutely No SLS Or SLA) used as a foaming / lathering ingredient 

Our Exotic Lash bath is great and if in the process of removing your eyelashes should some of the natural soap get into your eyes, it will not burn or sting & therefore making it a breeze removing your False eyelashes with ease!!!

*There are absolutely No Returns or Exchanges due to the more obvious reason Safety & Sanitary Concerns. There are no returns on any of our Personal Cosmetics, Monthly boxes or Gifts if any kind.. 


All of our items come from the most trusted Award winning respected Manufactures in the industry. We ensure that the items we source are made up of only the best high quality ingredients thats safe for the majority of people to use.

If you ever have any questions regarding any of the item ingredients, please reach out to us on our 24 hour Live Chat Support On the left hand side of your screen now prior to purchase to get a list of ingredients from our Customer Support Agent. Otherwise, See The Package for more information.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Telly McClure

20mm Faux Mink Wispy Handmade Reusable Lashes

Aurelio Frami


Irene Es Tovia
Beautiful Falsie You Just Can Not Live Without.....

Lashes that make a real difference in your appearance, You can go from plain to glammed out in 5 mins. or less with these lashes and they actually look like the photos shown. I hated when I used to buy different lashes from Amazon or Esty and when I get them After waiting weeks sometimes, they would look just terrible and are made terribly like ewwwww! Pure trash! These eyelashes and the products I've purchased from this site are great & the customer service is amazing. I Highly Recommend these Eyelashes & All of their Makeup items, well worth the money - I've never had an issue and shipping was really fast.

Esta Dibbert

20mm Faux Mink Wispy Handmade Reusable Lashes

Noel Littel

Masks are excellent, I order not the first time. To the seller Thank you-put a small gift Plus, nice