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ANAIRUI Pink Rose Cream Facial Mask with Rose and Strawberry Cream

ANAIRUI Pink Rose Cream Facial Mask with Rose and Strawberry Cream

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Grapefruit Vitamin C Wash-off Facial Mask incorporates Hydrating, Soothing, Nourishing and Repairing properties to restore and maintain a youthful healthy glow. Help restore your skin's radiance after sun exposure, daily stressors, adult acne & environmental pollution while Preventing free-radical damage by using this mask 3 times a week. Don't run to untrustworthy skin care with false promises and harmful chemicals. Choose the all natural way to care for your skin by using skin care that incorporates only nature's finest and most powerful ingredients - All natural skincare made up of Vitamins, Botanicals and Organic ingredients that's been proven to really work even after a single use as stated In consumer studies.

This Cream will Hydrate, Plump, Moisturize & Revive the skin in 10 minutes. You Will notice soft, radiant and smooth skin after the first application. With the ice-cream feel and texture, this crem gives a cooling effect that will make your skin feel refreshed.  Overall, This cream makes an excellent addition to your skincare arsonal.

 Skincare Benefits:

Repairs skins health after 30 days
Hydrating & Moisturizing
Restores Glow & Brightens
Restores the skins Radiance
Gives a Cooling & Soothing effect
Repairs Sun-damage, Helps cool sunburn & alleviates pain assoc.

In Depth Details:

  • Hydrate & Glow Facial Mask -- Riches in Grapefruit extracts & Vitamin C, this hydrating wash-off facial mask help replenish water to your skin and lock in moisture to prevent skin from ultra-dryness and water loss, with a ice-cream texture, leave your skin smoother, radiant and moisturized.
  • Antioxidant Mask from Acne & Dark Spots -- The grapefruit extract & vitamin c facial mask riches in antioxidants which nourish and protect against free-radical damage caused by exposure to environmental factors such as sun and pollution. Also can help reduce acne and dark spots effectively, and revive skin’s beauty with natural glow.
  • Reviving Ice-Cream Mask -- A magic cooling, soothing, moisturized feel after use, especially for water intensive rescue and improving tone evenness for sun-damaged skin. This magic ice-cream wash-off mask leaves skin cool, sweet and radiant, perfect for skin repairing & reviving.
  • Suitable for All Skin Types -- Facial Mask skincare to Improve the appearance of dull, dry, uneven skin, to hydrate, revive skin in 10 minutes, leave skin with a moisturized, radiant and cool feeling. Suitable for dry, oily, sensitive and combination skin.
  • DIRECTIONS -- After Cleansing face, apply a small amount evenly on to face, avoid eyes and lips. Leave on 15-21 minutes and then rinse face with water. Follow with a moisturizer. Store in cool place


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Betty boop
The only place that has the real stuff!

I really am glad i came across this stuff, it’s the best and if you didn’t know it’s 100% organic and it really does wonders on your face. I used this mask to retain moisture, to prevent those monthly break outs from adult acne which is so annoying, this stuff is magic and a life saver, once you try it your gonna see why everyone loves it! Look at Liv Tyler, even the celebs love this stuff and you can tell she doesn’t sponsor the stuff and doesn’t get any kickbacks for saying she loves it! Liv Tyler actually loves what this little magic blue clay can do for your skin, it can give you a whole new way.

*I gave my bridal party one of these babies and got nothing but compliments from all my ladies weeks later about how they love this stuff and how their skin has improved so much. I recommend at any age since it’s so good for you, you practically can eat the stuff!

Iuliia Semilit

I still didn’t get my order!

Excellent stuff! It Really Does Work & The 30 day rule is true too y'all! 5 stars all day!

I Have seen all the reviews on this product so I took a gamble on purchasing It from this business in hopes that i get the real thing and i'm so glad i did! Do not be fooled by others who claim they sell this product, don't be a victim like i was over saving some money. I was sold some fake stuff from e-bay and I should've known better being that the price was so low but I was trying to save a few dollars and let me tell you, just don't do it! Buy from Facetreasures cause as far as I know, they are the only one who carries this cream mask and is the only one in the USA Distributing it, buy where you know its authentic and others have purchased and reviewed the product. I tried ebay Before I came here, A Seller claimed to have this cream and when i got it and tried it, my face was burning non-stop for days, IT WAS A COMPLETE NIGHTMARE! I Had to wear cold compresses and ice packs on my face day and night to get some type of comfort!
Plus I can't lie, At first I wasn't sure about this mask/clay being all that everyone says it is because I've been through almost every cream, clay, sheet mask and a nightmare on ebay trying to find what works for my skin and I am here to tell you that this stuff SOLD HERE is really great! I say that to say this, if you have acne prone problematic skin issues with uneven pigmentatioN WITH dry and oily skin all in one, than you know just how hard it is to find any type of skincare or anything that works for your face that won't cause even more skin issues, if this sounds like your skin than this stuff right here is what you need in your life and it will work, you will thank me later, I promise!
Don't keep wasting money going through life buying and trying up everything causing your skin even more harm, just get this mask, a milk cleanser and a moisturizer without fragrance, you will feel and look like a whole new being after 30 days-They are right about the 30 days too! I Now get their monthly k-beauty box and i gifted one to almost everyone in my family, it's great to shop here when there really is no subscriptions or strings attached to their monthly boxes, i was shocked at how simplified the process is and i feel safe shopping here knowing my credit card is not going to get charged again. what a great little small business, i highly recommend especially if your gifting items. I can't wait till their black friday sales hit if its anything like last year, you do NOT want to miss it, ills be there with bells on!

Nancy Pereira
Glad they had it

I love this mask and glad they had it in stock. However, shipping is crazy expensive, I took one star off for that reason. I will no longer order it from here because of that.

Steven The skincare guru
Love it! Love it! Oh, did I mention that I LOVE THOS STUFF!

Yes baybee! I see now what the hype Is all about and I'm a huge fan! I'm a major skincare guru that knows skincare and I only use clean skincare but this stuff right here, is everything! It's organic, vegan, all natural and it really does work! One night only, it took all my blemishes away and I'm not lying to you when I say "Only in one night"! I don't know what type of magic stuff is in this stuff, but they are not telling and I do not blame them! I see why all those celebrities love this cream, it makes alot of sense. The min. I washed this stuff off my face and my skin felt baby soft and my Acne was damn near gone!!! Not just that, I was hesitate at first but since it's priced right and it's a full size jar, I went for it. I definitely recommend you try this stuff, it helps with pigmentation, dark circles and wrinkles cause I have severe bags under my eyes every morning I wake up and this stuff worked wonders.Great miracle cream and my next move is to rack up as soon as I get paid this week!